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Powell River Kiwanis Housing Society

The lifestyle and Leisure department of Kiwanis Housing offers activities and programs to the tenants at both the Kiwanis Garden Manor and the Village. These extracurricular activities enhance the qualify of life and are very important to the tenants. These activities nurture the tenants mind, body and spirits on a daily basis. The lifestyle and leisure department received a grant to enhance the list of activities that are already offered by purchasing carpet bowling equipment, a giant crossword puzzle, a net and a tent. The new equipment will be utilized through the addition of new activities on a weekly basis for the tenants.


Powell River Branch of the Vancouver Is. Division of the Navy League of Canada 

The RCSC Malaspina has two Albacore sailboats which the cadets use for training. These boats needed some upgrading and refurbishing. The Powell River Branch of the Navy League received a grant to assist in fiberglass repair, new paint, and new sails. Also to replace shackles, shrouds and forestays.


Lund Community Society

The Lund Community Society received funds to assist Lund Residents to work together to grow more of the community’s food and share it equitably. Creating opportunities for education, skill and work sharing, and collaborative resource - sharing, especially by working together in Lund community spaces.


Malaspina Art Society

The Powell River Community Foundation assisted in the purchase of 25 benches with a personalized Powell River artist painting as a 25th Anniversary Project that were placed in the Powell River area.


Pacific Region International Summer Music Academy Association

Symphonic and orchestral music is often inaccessible to youth and students who do not participate in intensive music instruction. The receipt of this Grant will help to increase interest in and appreciation of symphonic music in age group 12 - 18. The project brings the renowned PRISMA guest artists and top students from universities and music conservatories into youth venues in Powell River (schools, Youth Resource Centre, after-school programs). The participants also attend special PRISMA concerts. The participants learn how orchestral music relates to the music and concepts to which they are most exposed through mainstream and digital media.

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