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Holiday message from Ross Cooper, President PRCF

Dear Foundation Supporters,

This is a time of season I like to reflect on the year and all the things that we are thankful for.

It is no different at the Powell River Community Foundation and I can't help sharing with you.

Some of you visited us during our Annual General Meeting where we officially unveiled the PRCF sign along Joyce Ave. at CrossRoads Shopping Mall. We are very thankful the owners of the Mall donated the space, money and initiated the sign. Two of the owners are on our board and Jeff Sauve & Real Sigouin should hold their heads high for taking a major step at letting Powell River know who we are. We have a wonderful Board and I was extremely pleased that they all let their names stand for another year. They may have wanted to change their minds as we immediately got busy with a productive strategic planning session funded by our major financial supporter, First Credit Union. As a result, we realigned our committee structure and focused on our main goals that came out the sessions. Our groups have been busy during and since. One of the groups has had some unexpected assistance from Charlene Reinish. This professional works at First Credit Union and is their marketing expert specializing in social media and websites. While taking her studies at Royal Roads she had to choose a non-profit organization to offer her new skills as part of her degree. We are thankful she chose us and we are benefiting with a revamped marketing brand that includes a website and print materials expected to be launched by the end of January.

All of these efforts are working in the backdrop and we are pleased, but our board is focused on a desire to see more deposits to our permanent fund. With growth comes more ability to grant more funds to other deserving non-profit organizations. These organizations have continued to do great work in our community and we are pleased to continue to support them but the need is always growing.

I am pleased to say we have had some new donations that has increased our ability in the future to spread our help and make Powell River stronger. Without the generous support of our donors the almost 40 groups that have received grants from PRCF in the past, would be still waiting for funds. A single donation of over $92,000 from the Estate of Gwen Lock came unexpectedly and recently. We are always grateful that someone thought of our organization where through their generosity, good work will continue each year. The good news continued when we received word that another substantial donation was being arranged through an anonymous donor to safely transfer to the Powell River Community Foundation. Our directors are currently working on this and expect to have funds in place before the end of the month.

At this time of year it is natural to reflect on the good things that have blessed us personally. We live in a wonderful community but there is always need. I truly believe a society is measured by how it treats its most vulnerable and this year our Foundation received some gifts that will go a long way to assisting the needs of the future. Our permanent fund at the foundation is FOR GOOD, FOR EVER.

Ross Cooper President

Powell River Community Foundation


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