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Community Foundation of Ottawa supports bus transportation for after school program.

The Commuity Foundation of Ottawa has helped many community groups over the years, but the video featured here demonstrates the vital importance of some of that support, as you can see from the example of the Carlington Community Health Centre's after school program bus transportation project. The saftey of the children that used the after school program was in jeopardy, and bus transporation for the children helped ensure they arrived safely home after school, with thanks to the Community Foundation of Ottawa.

Recently the foundation said farewell to one of it's most dedicated supporters. Watch a touching and informative interview with Barb McInnes, president and CEO of the Community Foundation of Ottawa (which she founded with her father in 1987.) Innes has headed the foundation for the past 22 years and built it into a charitable powerhouse with assets of $100 million and annual charitable disbursements of $7 million.


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